Local Currency

We can easily implement local currency nowadays, which people can trade on their devices, utilizing crypto-currency. Here is a "bank" I made using SLP, simple ledger protocol: Hogeye Bank.


  • It promotes green localism. It supports local people, local farming, local products, local services, and local business. Reducing transport is good for the earth.
  • It connects unused resources to unmet needs. We can facilitate exchanges among ourselves without having to earn dollars first.
  • It supports community, and establishes trusting relationships.
  • It provides a defense against the booms and busts and inflation/hyperinflation of government fiat money.
  • Some give moral or ideological reasons for support, e.g. opposition to government control of money or usary or multinational corporations.

Comparison of Models
Fiat, mutual credit, or commodity-based.

Archive: Ozarks Local Currency Project (2009)

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Sites of existing local currencies:
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