Definitions of Liberty

Liberty is:

# Definitions / Conceptions Liberal Libertarian Conservative
1 not being in a condition of slavery
[feudal liberty]
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2 not being ruled by foreigners
[ancient conception of liberty]
3 full enjoyment of natural rights; no one prevents you from doing things your are entitled to do [natural rights liberty]   checkmark-b01 checkmark-b01
4 self-governance of a local community or group [classical communitarian liberty] A few who emphasize localism.
5 enjoyment of economic individualism, the right to property, freedom of contract, association, and trade [economic autonomy liberty]   checkmark-b01 checkmark-b01
6 social justice prevailing in the national or international community [progressive liberty]
[Incompatible with 3, 5, & 7 since it requires positive liberty.]
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7 the enjoyment of moral autonomy in one's beliefs and non-aggressive actions
[moral autonomy liberty]
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8 the condition of not being prevented by others from doing things pleasing to god(s)
[theistic liberty]

Definitions 3 - 7 are discussed in The Five Conceptions of American Liberty.

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