Definitions of Libertarianism

Libertarianism is:

  1. the philosophy or belief that people should have more liberty, i.e. there should be a less powerful government.
    The relative definition, which includes both minarchism and anarchism.

  2. the philosophy or belief that the initiation of force (aggression) is wrong, or at least presumed wrong.
    The voluntaryist definition, based on the NAP or NAp.

  3. Night-watchman-London
  4. anarchism, i.e. the philosophy or belief favoring the abolishment of all compulsory government.
    The classic definition popularized in 1890s France when the word "anarchy" was outlawed. Even today, people in some countries use "libertarian" (or its cognate) to mean "anarcho-socialist."

  5. the philosophy or belief that favors a minimal "nightwatchman" State, that is, a State limited to national defense, police, and courts, without any redistribution of wealth.
    The minarchist definition, used mainly by conservatives and those involved in a minarchist political party.

  6. Participation in or support for the Libertarian Party.
    The partyarch definition, used by faction-minded people and news sources.

Compare with the definitions of capitalism and the definitions of socialism.

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