Power Transients
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We get up early and often. Luego, y'all.

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Hiking to Nosara
Ben and Richard
Hogeye Bill and BenJamin'
Hogeye on beach
showing off pipe.
on beach.
From "bedroom".
Hogeye on mountain bike.
Hi-rez beach scene. desktop!?
Ben at bus station.
Hogeye drinkina pina colada.
Knockout hi-rez beach scene.
Hogeye hiking.
Bill and Ben after walking 35 clicks.
Ben and Richard.
Hogeye overlooks river.
Ben running in marathon?!
Jungle and ocean.
Just Say 'No' to Guaro
Lions at zoo.
Parrot on head.
Got damn strange hawgs here.
BenJamin at cafe/bar.
Whiteface monkey.
Ben at zoo.
Hog roots.