Timeline of Modern Anarchism

1757 First anarchist essay.
General critique of statism.
Edmund Burke A Vindication of Natural Society (1757)
1793 First anarchist treatise.
First positive theory.
William Godwin An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice (1793)
1833 First anarchist. Josiah Warren The Peaceful Revolutionist (1833),
True Civilization (1863)
1840 First self-described anarchist. Pierre Proudhon What is Property? (1840)
1844 Egoist quasi-anarchist. Max Stirner The Individual and His Property (1844)
1849 First anarcho-capitalist. Gustave de Molinari The Production of Security (1849)
1866 First anarcho-socialist. Michael Bakunin Revolutionary Catechism (1866)
The Immorality of the State (1873)
1867 Individualist anarchist,
natural law theorist.
Lysander Spooner No Treason (1867),
Natural Law (1882)
1884 Collectivist anarchist. Errico Malatesta Fra Contadini (1884)
Anarchy pamphlet (1891)
1888 Individualist anarchist publisher. Benjamin Tucker State Socialism and Anarchism (1888)
Why I Am An Anarchist (1892)
1902 First anarcho-communist. Peter Kropotkin Mutual Aid (1902)
The Conquest of Bread (1906)
1938 Anarcho-syndicalist. Johann Rudolf Rocker Anarcho-syndicalism: Theory and Practice
1973 First modern anarcho-capitalist. Murray Rothbard For a New Liberty (1973),
The Ethics of Liberty (1982)
1973 Utilitarian anarcho-capitalist. David Friedman The Machinery of Freedom (1973)
1974 Libertarian philosopher. Robert Nozick Anarchy, State, and Utopia (1974)
2013 Intuitionist anarcho-capitalist. Michael Huemer The Problem of Political Authority (2013)
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