Socialist Dogma

Socialist Dogma

  1. Exploitation theories - the belief that the voluntary exchange of labor time for money or goods is intrinsically wrong.
  2. Straw man definition of “capitalism” or bizarre beliefs about capitalism - such as the belief that a society with free markets and sticky property is intrinsically authoritarian, or that libertarian or stateless capitalism cannot exist.
  3. Anti-hierarchy beliefs - claims that voluntary hierarchical arrangements are somehow bad as such.
  4. Fake starvation fallacy - the belief that people are forced to work because of imminent starvation. Usually tweeted by latte-sipping communists who have never been hungry in their lives, about developed countries with virtually zero starvation rates.
  5. Aggression by man equals natural constraints - the belief that being forced to eat and sleep in order to live is ethically equivalent to being forced with violence by another person.
  6. Wishing away scarcity - In a communist/socialist society, there would be no scarcity, but in a capitalist society, there is always extreme scarcity.
  7. SocialistUtopia02
  8. Mankind is divided into competing classes, and everyone in any given class has specific and predictable interests. - In reality, economic class plays little part in life, people’s interests are determined by many factors, most of which have nothing to do with class, and competition within a class is probably more important than competition between classes.
  9. Property norm utopianism - the belief that everyone will embrace [their preferred property norms] and/or that no one (absent a State) would choose [the opposing property norms.]
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