Fuck Facebook Week - June 21-27

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Most of my friends - left, right, or libertarian - are concerned with suppression of content by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Most of us desire open speech; we do not want to have unknown assholes censoring the information. We prefer to create our own filters, in our own way.

If you agree with this, I ask you to please boycott Facebook on the week of June 21 - June 27. That's Sunday thru Saturday. Let's move to MeWe.com or anything but Facebook.


I urge you to move all social networking to another platform, as an experiment, for that week only. You may decide to stay there, or you may relapse to Facebook after Fuck Facebook Week, but in either case can put a dent in the media manipulation machine, and demonstrate that voluntary action - a boycott - can overcome corporatist censorship.

There are a number of alternative social networks available, many of which do not censor messages, ban people for their opinions, or spy on users. I intend to urge my Facebook groups to move to MeWe.com for that week, and to disable all Facebook commenting during Fuck Facebook Week.


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