Reasons Not to Vote

Reasons Not to Vote

    Morality - It is immoral to vote.

  1. Non-Aggression - It's not good to have some people ruling others. Free choice beats winner-take-all politics. Individual rights trump "public good." All valid functions of governance, such as courts and police, can be done better and more ethically by voluntary consent, aka “the market.”

  2. Non-Violence - Political government is collectivized violence. If you are not entitled to rob your neighbor, then you cannot rightly delegate that power to a “government” gang. Don't rob your neighbor by proxy. Use peaceful means for all your endeavors.
  3. Individual Rationality - It is irrational to vote.

  4. Statistical - The probability of casting a deciding vote is miniscule. In a US presidential election, the probability of your vote making any difference (making or breaking a tie) is less than 10 million to one. In other words, your vote has virtually no chance affecting the outcome.

  5. Rational Ignorance - The cost of information is greater than the expected benefit. We saw above that the expected benefit from voting was virtually nil, however learning about candidates and issues is costly in time and effort.

  6. Opportunity Cost - You can have a much larger impact on your community by buying a meal for a homeless person, or by shopping at a local business, than you could ever achieve by voting. Giving a single dollar to a street-musician or writing a letter to the editor will have more of an impact on society than voting.
  7. Institutional Analysis - It is futile to vote.

  8. Public Choice - Rulers decide policy by what gains them power and pelf, not what is for 'public good.' They are rent seekers, selling power to cronies.

  9. The Public Goods Problem - In a political system, the few big beneficiaries win out over the many marginal losers virtually every time. Good law is a public good so is undersupplied; bad law is a private good so is oversupplied.

  10. Bribery/media underdog - The little guy voter can't outbid the munitions and oil industries for political favors or mass media propaganda. We get a dog and pony show with "choice" of statist A or statist B.

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